Green Consumption Goes Mobile: Shopping Sustainably with 3rd Whale

With the recent increase of crowd-sourced, consumer-driven review sites like Yelp or UrbanSpoon, the number of mobile apps that allow customers to assess their purchases based on ethical and green considerations has also risen. In a recent Mashable report, Josh Catone highlighted 10 new sites where consumers can buy while satisfying their ethical and social responsibilities.

Local startup 3rd Whale (led by Vancouver-based entrepreneur Dr. Boyd Cohen) has been highlighted on Mashable as one of the top 10 new websites to look to when looking for a sustainable/green product. 3rd Whale is, in their own words, like a green Yelp on your mobile”.TechVibes attended the 3rd Whale launch party and we have been closely following the development of their smart-phone applications.

Last month, 3rd Whale announced that their app for Android was available for download. Being featured on the recent Mashable report is a sign that the future is bright for this young green startup. TechVibes will be looking at future developments of their mobile application suite.