GreenSoil Launches Building Innovation Fund with $25 Million

GreenSoil Investments has announced the launch of its third fund, the GreenSoil Building Innovation Fund (GBIF), with an initial close of US $25 million.

Led by a team of real estate investors and owners, experienced investment professionals, and green building experts, GBIF will invest in companies that generate returns for real estate owners, operators, and developers through innovation, smart resource utilization, and efficiency improvements.

GBIF will seek to enable portfolio companies to accelerate sales by providing industry expertise and access to a diverse network of leading real estate customers, many of them Limited Partners (LPs) in the fund. GBIF is backed by LPs that control over 200 million square feet of income producing real estate and build over 15,000 homes and apartments per year.

The Fund is targeted to reach US$80 million to $100 million at final closing. Founded by Alan Greenberg and Gideon Soesman in 2011, GreenSoil Investments now has US$56M in assets under management.

GBIF will make majority or strategic minority investments in companies that require capital for growth in key investment verticals like smart systems.