Canadian Startup Guardly Launches ‘Game-changing’ Technology That Tracks People Indoors

Toronto-based Guardly today announced the launch of an Indoor Positioning System, which the startup describes as the industry’s first mobile safety solution that offers integrated indoor location detection capabilities.

Guardly, which provides mobile safety apps and cloud infrastructure for enterprise and public safety, says that its IPS enhances its existing mobile safety solutions for the enterprise by transmitting the building, floor, and specific room of a mobile emergency caller in under five seconds and tracking indoor location changes in real-time.

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“Our IPS technology is another step towards Guardly delivering on its corporate mission to reduce emergency response times for people needing immediate assistance, and for those responding to requests for assistance,” says Josh Sookman, CEO of Guardly. “With Guardly IPS, all someone needs to do is launch our safety app and it will result in a personalized response to their exact indoor location. The implications of this innovation are truly game changing.”

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The US Federal Communications Commission, which estimates that 70% of 911 calls today are from wireless phones, enforces Wireless E911 Phase 2 requirements, which state that wireless network operators must provide the GPS location of callers within 300 meters, within six minutes of a request by a Public Safety Answering Point. Guardly says it provides caller location data that is “at least an order of magnitude” more accurate.