Haivision Launches First End-to-End Enterprise Video Platform for Corporate Live Event Streaming

Montreal’s Haivision, which provides enterprise video and streaming solutions, has launched the Haivision Media Platform, bringing enterprises the industry’s first end-to-end solution for corporate live event streaming and team collaboration.

The Haivision Media Platform combines the ability to reach global audiences, to centrally manage screens of any kind, and to aggregate video workflows from any location over any network. Three editions—All Hands, IPTV, and Team Collaboration—offer unique applications.

“The Haivision Media Platform is founded on proven technology and has been designed for usability, ease of deployment and administrative control,” said Peter Maag, Haivision’s chief marketing officer.

Haivision’s solution delivers low latency live video workflows from the source to the viewer. It also tailors the media experience for every viewer and provides centralized management of displays for public areas and group viewing.

“The Haivision Media Platform is unique in scaling with the challenges of the enterprise, offering our clients and partners the framework to address their immediate needs and grow from there,” Maag added.

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