Halifax Startup Equals6 Helps Students Network with Future Employers

The Chronicle HeraldEquals6 is a new Halifax-based social network designed to connect students with future employers. We recently covered their startup presentation at DemoCamp Halifax. It is essentially a recruiting site—but one invested in making the right connections long before the hiring phase.

“Equals6 is a social network for students,” says Andy Osburn, one of the site’s creators. “Our ultimate goal is to help them build a professional network while in school and then help them leverage that network to find their first entry-level position.”

Equals6 have some more tricks up their sleeves to attract the student population, namely scholarships. In the last year, the site has given out 50 different scholarships, worth almost $20,000.

According to Osburn, 20% of the scholarship money is from companies interested in what the site has to offer. While similar sites have students complaining about homework, Equals6 members are creating profiles future employers will interested in viewing, almost a “LinkedIn”-type social network, but more practical for students.

The site is weighted heavily towards Atlantic province students right now, but the potential for expansion is there. To date, the site has 10,500 registered students, with an almost 15% increase month to month.

The site is free for students, thought potential employers pay $600 per year. This may seem like a lot, but it allows the employers to vet the students and see their strengths before hiring them—and 125 registered employers thus far seem to think it’s a good deal.

Photo: The Chronicle Herald