Helcim Launches All-In-One Commerce Platform

Helcim knows that when apps and software don’t work together, it results in frustration and lost productivity.

The Calgary-based service and software provider is fighting that frustration with the launch of Helcim Commerce, an all-in-one business platform that empowers businesses of all sizes by running from one place with built-in payment processing and an integrated suite of software tools.

Often times, companies will use multiple apps and SaaS companies to operate their daily routine, resulting in fractured business and client data, poor integration from competing services, even worse customer support, and a collective cost of thousands of dollars per month. Helcim Commerce looks to put the power back into the company’s hands and reduce app fatigue.

The founder and CEO of Helcim, Nicolas Beique listened to the plights of companies for the past 10 years as they juggled with multiple business tools. Three years ago, Beique set out to develop a platform that could run everything an organization needs, from a phone, tablet or computer. Beique ended up with Helcim Commerce.

For less than the price of a monthly cell phone bill, businesses can accept payments, build an online store, set up a checkout with a point-of-sale system, accept payments through a virtual terminal, manage invoicing and orders, track customers and inventory, and access all business data from one system.

“Merchants have been asking us for a single business system for years. We used to say that it didn’t exist,” said Beique. “Three years ago, we decided to build it. Ideally, opening a Helcim Commerce account becomes step one in opening a new business.”

“We think that technology should propel you forward, not hold you back. It should allow the smallest companies to compete with the biggest firms on even ground,” he adds.

Helcim Commerce is accessible for any kind of business owner as well. There is no need to be a designer or developer, or even tech-savvy at all. The price comes in at $15 a month for retailers, $35 for e-commerce, and $50 for both together.