Canadian Studio Hibernum Creations Builds Exclusive Game for Amazon Fire Phone Technology

Saber’s Edge is one of only two games being published by the Amazon Game Studios exclusively for the upcoming Fire Phone.

While the Fire Phone isn’t going to be immediately available to Canadians at launch, the studio behind Saber’s Edge is Canadian. Hibernum Creations is a videogame developer based in Montreal and Saber’s Edge, a puzzle RPG, will launch alongside the Fire Phone this Friday.

The mobile game is optimized for Amazon’s new Dynamic Perspective technology, which means players can look forward to peeking and tilting, 3D scenes, parallax icons, and up to 60 hours of gameplay.

“Our passion and expertise here at Hibernum, combined with the incredible opportunity to work on a game for Amazon’s Fire Phone, has resulted in something that will revolutionize the puzzle genre,” said Louis-René Auclair, Chief Brand Officer of Hibernum.



In Saber’s Edge, players are submersed in a universe of steampunk scoundrels and cloud cities. They must choose their crew, build their ship and weapons, explore the world, and set sail on an adventure as they battle against rival factions of pirates, engineers, the imperial navy and many others in their quest to rule the Seven Skies.

“Saber’s Edge has enabled us to showcase our artistic and world-class brand creation talent and the whole team at Hibernum is extremely proud of the final product,” he added.

Hibernum Creations was founded in 2006.