HiMama Introduces Smart Billing for Caregivers

The last thing caregivers want to think about is wasting time filling out bills and invoices.

HiMama, a Toronto-based software company, has announced a new billing product designed specifically for child care and preschool programs. Parent billing is a supplemental option that exists within HiMama and allows child care directors and administrators to invoice parents.

The new admin-facing update is important, as it saves parents time from jumping in and out of apps or keeping track of different bills. HiMama is already used for things like photo updates, learning observations and daily reports, so a billing feature is a logical progression.

Smart Billing automatically determines a child’s tuition or costs depending on their enrollment age and can seamlessly apply updated fees if the child progresses from toddler to preschool. The invoice feature can be applied to any kind of billing period.

“It’s not enough to just provide a way for early childhood professionals to send invoices — we need to do whatever we can to remove administrative burden, and give these professionals more time with the children at their center,” said Alana Frome, CTO of HiMama. “Smart Billing removes all those accounting pain — adding new pricing tiers, moving families from one plan to another, following up manually to make sure each family is billed correctly.”

HiMama is a leading technology provider in the early education sector. The platform has hundreds of thousands of users spread over more than 10 countries. Over 132 million messages have been sent on the platform.

“As a technology company, we believe that improving outcomes for children means supporting child care and preschool programs with their administrative tasks so that they can focus their attention on children’s education and development,” said Ron Spreeuwenberg, CEO of HiMama.

Smart Billing is now available to customers for a small monthly fee.