Hockeystick and CVCA Release Venture and Equity Data Portal

Finding investors can be tough—but the difficulty should only come from convincing them to invest, and not from actually locating them.

The Canadian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (CVCA) and Hockeystick have unveiled CVCA Intelligence, a brand new data portal that will offer an in-depth look at Canada’s private equity and venture capital ecosystem. The new portal was announced at Invest Canada ‘18.

CVCA Intelligence will replace InfoBase, the CVCA’s existing data portal, and offer better insights when it comes to fundraising, investments, exits and anything else involved in equity. Members of the CVCA will use Hockeystick’s new platform to report data, access existing data and use benchmarks to improve on returns.

With this new platform, the CVCA will be able to better produce their VC & PE Canadian
Market Overview, a quarterly publication that offers deep looks into the current equity ecosystem.

“We believe in the power of data to make better companies, investors and markets,” said Raymond Luk, Hockeystick’s founder and CEO. “The lack of accurate, standardized data has hurt the performance of the entire private market. We see a future where high-quality data is available to everyone, whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for funding or an investor seeking the next unicorn. Data has the power to produce meaningful insights, including predictive ones, and to drive better returns.”

The goal for the CVCA is to improve the innovation landscape through advocating for better policies and regulations. With Hockeystick’s improved database, they will be able to better keep track of who is making investments and funding industries, which means more companies can access capital, creating a cycle of growth.

“With CVCA Intelligence, we are now in a position to provide our members with an expanded menu of benefits, but we are also in a much stronger position to better incorporate the use of standardized data in our advocacy efforts,” said Darrell Pinto, director of research at the CVCA. “Hockeystick has years of experience collecting data about Canada’s innovation economy and is the only platform where our members will own their own data. This platform brings together CVCA’s vast knowledge of VC and PE firms with Hockeystick’s leading-edge technology.”

CVCA Intelligence brings improvements like standardized datasets that connect proprietary information to the portal itself, leading to more comprehensive analysis; a more user-friendly interface; streamlined reporting of details and deals; and improved security that meets the SOC-compliant global standard.

Hockeystick is the perfect partner for the CVCA, considering the Toronto-based company recently released an entire open database of Canadian investors and companies last month. This portal, combined with what CVCA has to offer, will create an incredibly useful tool for both the investment side as well as companies looking to connect with VCs and angel investors.