‘Homing From Work’ Brings Balance to Work and Life

In a survey conducted by the Captivate Network, white-collar workers across North America are developing a trend, which involves them introducing personal and family responsibility into the workday.

This new form of work and life balance is referred to as “Homing from Work,” an initiative that will extend work hours, but is expected to yield healthier lifestyles. In the last two years there had been an 11% increase of people reporting to have a healthy work/life balance, even though those same people admitted to working nine-hour days.

“People seem to be getting more comfortable with putting in longer hours,” says Scott Marden, research director at Captivate Network. “Part of that appears to come from the growing ability to take care of personal business during the workday. In fact, 93% of people reported ‘Homing from Work.’ It’s a definite shift and it’s impacting not only the way people work but also the types of issues and activities that are on their minds during the workday.”

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There are many advantages for “Homing from Work,” but generally workers use the time for entertainment, which has an 80% increase since 2011, surfing and shopping online, which has a 63% increase and running errands and shopping at retail stores, which has an increase of over 30%.

The research shows that because white-collar workers are in-market for business products and services, “Homing from Work” will create new opportunities for businesses to reach out to consumers whether it is for personal needs or for the family.

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“The workplace presents an under-utilized advertising opportunity,” noted Dan Levi, chief marketing officer at Captivate. “People are researching and purchasing products, they are stepping out to take care of personal business and highly-targeted media channels like Captivate Network can effectively educate them on their options and alternatives. This study reinforces that there is an opportunity for marketers to make the phenomenon of ‘Homing from Work’, work for them.”

The working environment is changing and 93% of professionals are choosing “Homing from Work” to make life a little easier. From banking to buying groceries, daily stress and responsibilities can creep up throughout the course of a workday. By having a balance lifestyle, workers can fulfill their needs and businesses can reach out and influence consumers to make healthier decisions.

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