Honk Enables Students to Pay for Campus Parking Across Canada

Students at 20 universities and colleges across Canada will now be able to search and pay for campus parking directly from their phone, tablet or computer.

HonkMobile announced today that its pay-for-parking app is launching at nearly two dozen post-secondary institutions in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia, including Western, U of A and UBC.

The app is already accepted at more than 800 parking locations and 150,000 parking spaces across Canada and the United States. The latest update simplifies the often frustrating experience of finding and paying for on-campus parking spaces, often in high demand and hard to find.

“We know student life can be hectic, and we’re doing our part to help alleviate the stress of parking,” said Honk CEO Michael Back in a press release. “Education is the key to a successful future and we’re confident our app will meet the needs of students and take some of the stress out of the school year.”

The app also warns users 15 minutes before their parking is set to expire. From any internet-connected device, students can remotely top up their parking payments—helping them avoid a costly ticket.

“The last thing I want to do is worry about my parking session running late when at a study session in the library,” said Madison Mclellan, a student at Algonquin College in Ottawa who is a HonkMobile user. Algonquin is one of nine colleges in Canada that is now compatible with the app.

Honk reported the market for mobile payment at on-campus parking is continuing to rise—and so is demand for their services.

The company’s profits from transactions at post-secondary schools has surged 30 per cent year-over-year. They’ve also grown their college and universities users by 20 per cent since last year—something they expect will increase with the recent rollout.

It’s not just students who are using the app; it’s faculty and school visitors too. Honk reports that they make up a “large proportion” of post-secondary parking users.

Honk also announced they’ll be expanding their parking inventory to more universities and colleges over the next year.