HootSuite 2.0 – get your Beta invite here

The Vancouver twittersphere knows all about Invoke Media‘s web-based Twitter client HootSuite and their aptly-named accompanying URL shortener ow.ly. Thanks to a 2.0 facelift, many more Twitter faithful will likely see what sets HootSuite apart from the plethora of other Twitter clients out there.

To date HootSuite has made it super-easy to manage multiple Twitter accounts, search, link track, and schedule tweets. Beta version 2.0 is much slicker and now gives users tabs, customizable columns (that are embeddable offsite), drap & drop functionality, auto refresh, and detailed statistics via ow.ly.

The tabs feature allows for easier management of multiple accounts as you can create them on the fly and customize them with columns. Within each tab, users have the ability to add unlimited columns which could include profile feed options (mentions, direct messages, scheduled tweets), keyword tracking (up to 3 keywords/column), search terms, or groups of Twitter friends. HootSuite has also made all columns embeddable offsite – very cool.

If you’re interested in taking the new HootSuite beta for a test-drive, they’re giving ten invites to Techvibes readers. Here’s how to get you name in the draw for a beta invite.

  1. Follow @hootsuite on Twitter
  2. Re-tweet this blog post tweet with hastag #HS2.0

Everyone who does both will be entered into the draw. HootSuite will be drawing the winners @ 4:00pm PST on Wednesday, June 3rd. Good luck.