HootSuite Partners with Foursquare to Create Online Venue Management Solution for Businesses

HootSuite is partnering with Foursquare to create a venue management solution for businesses.

The app integration aims to combine the power of customer insights from Foursquare’s social check-in platform with HootSuite’s online engagement capabilities to allow companies to take further control of their business listings on Foursquare.

HootSuite points out that there are millions of business listings on Foursquare, all created by customers who visit those venues, and emphasizes that this “is a huge opportunity to better understand these conversations about your business and learn how to connect and engage with your customers.”

Think of a business owner creating a sale for the most talked­ about product on Foursquare, and offering 10% off to anyone who checks in at the store over the weekend. That owner could publish this special on Foursquare and cross­-publish this deal to other social networks like Facebook and Twitter for further amplification. Furthermore, the integration allows users to create multiple Foursquare streams within HootSuite to view and monitor the interaction and conversations about their locations, turning their listings a real conversation.

The integration means that business owners can view recent check-ins, the Mayor’s profile, and customer tips via the HootSuite dashboard, as well as push status updates to managed venue pages.

“Foursquare for Business helps provide small business organizations with key insights for their venue management. Social media is an essential part of engaging in conversations regarding your business,” says Foursquare’s Dev Anand. “Our partnership with HootSuite ensures that social media is an integral part of driving these vital business insights to make them actionable.”