Hortau, Mnubo Partner to Bring Internet of Things and Data Analytics to Farming

Hortau, which specializes in precision irrigation management systems, recently announced its partnership with mnubo, an Internet of Things data analytics company, to advance its solution of delivering higher crop yields with real-time analysis of optimal moisture and soil tension conditions.

Montreal-based Mnubo’s expertise in predictive IoT data science and real-time analysis of farm sensor data will enable Hortau to provide actionable intelligence to growers and other stakeholders.

Hortau has 25,000 sensors installed across 600 farms, spanning the US and Canada, collecting more than 100,000 data points per hour.

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“Our partnership with mnubo will bring to market an innovative, data-driven solution for the producers,” said Jocelyn Boudreau, CEO of Hortau.

“Smart agriculture epitomizes the huge global impact possible with IoT analytics solutions,” said Dan Shey, VP of B2B Services at ABI Research and a global IoT analyst. “As a result, application providers need to choose analytics platforms such as those from mnubo that not only scale to increasing data volumes and variety, but also provide real-time insights using a suite of diagnostic and predictive analytics tools.”

“Hortau’s market leadership and patented technology strongly positions them to deliver additional value to the growers based on the strategic insights from their irrigation data,” stated Frederic Bastien, CEO of mnubo. “Data science and machine learning on farm data, are key to the optimization of global water reserves and maximizing crop yields.”