Canadian Recruitment Expert Reveals How to Best Prepare for a Job Interview

When an interview is the only thing standing in your way between your current job (or no job) and your dream job, you probably want to maximize your chance of success. Here’s how.

According to Kraig Docherty, who’s worked in talent management and recruitment for companies like Indochino and Invoke Labs, preparation is key. Docherty, who’s interviewed thousands of people over his 14 years in the field, has developed a framework for job seekers to use.

The framework, which Docherty kindly shared on Invoke’s blog, breaks down two major steps. The first is knowing yourself and your own experience; the second is knowing the people and company you’re trying to work for.

“Know your resume and experiences inside and out,” Docherty writes of step one. “Companies, date ranges, why you left organizations, but more importantly, your quantifiable accomplishments/deliverables at each and how those relate to this new opportunity.”

“Do your research on the company—it’s mind blowing how many people still don’t do this,” he says of step two. “Start by reading through the company website and use LinkedIn to your advantage. Whether you’re interviewing at a startup or long established company, having a meaningful discussion won’t be possible without a thorough understanding of the organization and its people.”

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