HP Takes on Chromebooks with Latest Lineup of Cloud-Based Stream PCs

HP has updated its lineup of Stream laptops. The Window-powered PCs are cloud-based, representing what could it be considered the Windows version of a Google Chromebook—a cheap, basic laptop that relies less on processing power and more on the internet.

“A growing number of customers are relying mostly on cloud-based applications, such as social media sites, online storage and web-based programs,” explains HP. “They store their photos on the web, not on their hard drives, and they’re more concerned about the strength of the web connection rather than the power of the processor.”

The new Stream laptops boast stronger wifi antenna technology, extra hours of battery life, lighter weight, and a thinner form factor. HP has also dropped the price of select models.

“We’ve enjoyed positive feedback about the HP Stream family, which for many consumers is exactly what they need to access content and services in the cloud from wherever they are,” said Kevin Frost, vice president and general manager, Consumer Personal Systems at HP. “We’ve continued to raise the bar on this popular cloud-based notebook to make it even more portable, more attractive and affordable for customers.”

The updated portfolio now includes an updated 11.6-inch diagonal and a new 14-inch diagonal Stream notebooks, as well as an 11.6-inch diagonal HP Stream x360, which flexes into four positions and can be used in laptop mode (for working), standing mode (for entertainment), tablet mode (for on-the-go) and tent mode (for sharing).

Stream laptops start at $200 and include free cloud storage.