Hulu is Coming to Canada After Disney Acquires Fox

One of the most sought-after streaming services will soon make its way to Canada and beyond.

Hulu, an over-the-top media service based in Santa Monica, will soon be available in Canada as well as the rest of the world. Originally only available in the U.S., it will now expand due to Disney’s purchase of Fox, a direct parent organization of Hulu. The streaming service is also co-owned by Disney themselves, as well as NBC Universal and Warner Media.

The news comes from Disney’s latest earnings call, where the company’s CEO Bob Iger said the plan is to take advantage of Hulu’s depth of content in addition to building Disney’s own soon-to-launch streaming service (called Disney+) out. The acquisition of Fox gives Disney the controlling stake in Hulu, so they will easily be able to expand it beyond the U.S.

The acquisition itself will be finalized in 2019, so don’t expect to see Hulu on Canadian small screens this year, but for streaming fans, this offers another reason to cut the cable cord. There’s a possibility some shows currently available on Hulu may not make it to Canada and abroad due to licensing restrictions, but the service’s catalog is very deep, so there will still be a lot to choose from.

Right now, Hulu is reported to be the third most popular streaming service in the world, trailing Netflix in first and Amazon Prime Video in second. With the international expansion, there’s a good chance Hulu’s subscriber count will rise, but they have a ways to go—it’s reported Hulu has over 20 million paying subscribers, while both Amazon Prime Video and Netflix top 100 million.