Hummingbird Drones Wins Brand Prize, Helps Fight BC Wildfires

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Hummingbird Drones has beat out over 90 companies to take the top spot at the Brand Prize competition.

The Kamloops-based company provides infrared scanning, visible mapping and real-time information services for firefighting agencies, emergency responders and the parks and natural resources industries. Hummingbird Drones does not necessarily manufacture drones themselves, but creates technology that augments drones to help in serious wildfire conditions, amongst other situations.

This recognition comes at a time when wildfires have been ravaging British Columbia during the worst season in six decades. The drones fly above the fire lines, map out hotspots then relay that vital information to fire crews the next day. This can not only lead to increased effectiveness in fighting fires, but also potentially save lives and property.

Robert Atwood, creator of Hummingbird Drones, knows the importance of increased access to information for firefighters, considering four years ago he was on the ground as an initial attack firefighter. Now he soars above to help his former colleagues work smarter.

“You feel compelled to help out and really grateful to be involved,” Atwood told the CBC a few days ago.

The BC Wildlife Service has partnered with private contractors like Hummingbird Drones for three years to better assess wildfires, damages and more. Drones are still exploratory technology compared to traditional aircraft, but as they gain more trust with governmental services and the public alike, they may see more widespread use.

Atwood’s compulsion to aid his province and former colleagues led to the Brand Prize recognition, where Hummingbird Drones will take home a full brand identity and website package to help push the company’s image out to the public. The Brand Prize is powered by tech school RED Technology and branding agency Skyrocket, and the purpose of the award is to propel innovative young businesses forward with strategic branding and a meaningful web experience.

“[Hummingbird Drones] was chosen as the Brand Prize winner based on their technology solution, company mission and social impact component,” reads a Brand Prize press release.

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