Second-Stage Accelerator Aims to Build Canada’s Next Billion-Dollar Tech Company

The BC Technology Industry Association has announced the five companies selected to join its HyperGrowth program.

HyperGrowth is BC’s only second-stage accelerator, focused on building the next generation of anchor tech companies through advanced sales, marketing, and business process-related programming.

Building on the success of 2015’s inaugural cohort, the BCTIA has increased the number of companies for cohort two from three to five. The cohort is comprised of:

Picatic is an online ticketing and registration platform empowering event planners and event goers by completely eliminating service and convenience fees. Picatic powers Techfest events.

Arkit is a web app that makes it easy for teams to work together on map-based projects, by combining intuitive mapping features with collaborative project management tools.

ThinkCX is a predictive analytics company that uses social intelligence to help companies optimize the lifetime value of their subscription based or recurring-billing customers.

TalentClick provides a risk-based personality testing platform to hire and train better employees and create happier, safer, and more productive workplaces.

Wiivv is a bionics company that creates custom, 3D printed gear using body-perfect capture technology, accessible by everyone from a smartphone.

“When we launched HyperGrowth last year, we knew there was a need for second-stage programming, but we had no way of predicting the incredible successes companies would see from the program,” said Bill Tam, BCTIA President and CEO.

“We could not be more excited to have been selected for the HyperGrowth program,” said TalentClick CEO and Co-Founder, Greg Ford.

“Despite being experienced entrepreneurs, there is always a need to have more outside experience, coaching, and Rolodex’s at the table,” said Aaron Nielsen, CEO of ThinkCX.

Second-Stage Accelerator: HyperGrowth Program Launches to Turn Revenue Companies into Anchors

The BC Technology Industry Association today announced the launch of HyperGrowth, a “second-stage revenue accelerator.”

With support from ACL, BuildDirect, Global Relay, Vancity, and Alacrity Foundation, the HyperGrowth program includes a six-month residency in the BCTIA Innovation Hub and exposure to mentors.

“I wish a program like HyperGrowth had existed when our tech business was starting out,” said Warren Roy, founder of Global Relay. “For us, it would have compressed our journey by years.”

British Columbia boasts a robust startup community but only 4% of tech companies produce more than $10 million in sales. HyperGrowth seeks to find high-potential tech companies already in revenue and support them on their way “to crossing the revenue gap and becoming anchor companies in the province.”

“HyperGrowth is a unique platform for high potential tech companies” said Bill Tam, BCTIA President. “Current programming supports the launch and market-fit stages, but we need something to take these companies onto the global stage.”

HyperGrowth cohorts will benefit from the experience of advisors such as Warren Roy of Global Relay, Laurie Schultz of ACL, Jeff Booth of BuildDirect, and their respective teams.

“When you’re building your own company, it’s easy to get caught in the trenches,” said Jeff Booth, CEO, BuildDirect. “As a CEO, if you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room. You need peers and mentors to challenge your thinking to get you to the next level.”

While HyperGrowth focuses on scaling the marketing and sales functions of tech companies to increase revenues, cohort companies also require capital, and program supporter Vancity is helping graduates who meet specific criteria. Participants will also have free access to Alacrity’s Investor Readiness program focused on attracting Venture Capital.