IBM Bolsters Watson Through Data Platform, Bots, iOS Integration

Watson is IBM’s big bet on machine learning, and the company is doubling down. This week IBM unveiled a slew of new services related to the artificial intelligence product.

The announcements hail from a Watson conference in Las Vegas, where it was revealed that IBM will combine Watson and the cloud to create a data platform designed for collaboration between scientists, engineers, and developers.

Also announced at the conference was Virtual Agent, a cognitive conversational technology targeted toward customer engagement. The Watson-based bot will allow users to train bots for a variety of industries and applications, including social media and SMS.

In addition, IBM plans to integrate Watson with several MobileFirst for iOS apps as the company’s natural language processing has now been optimized with Apple’s iOS speech framework.

And finally, Watson is being used to track unstructured data in digital video, analyzing information to improve use of content through audience insights. Live event analysis will be available through IBM Cloud.

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