Behind the Scenes: Watch an Ice Hockey Rink Transform into a Concert Stadium

Have you ever sat at a concert and thought, “wasn’t this an ice rink last night?”

It’s a common occurrence, especially in Canada, where most major ice hockey arenas double as concert stadiums. The Canucks decided to use YouTube to take their fans behind the scenes and show us just how they convert an ice rink into a concert in such a short period of time (it’s the least they could do to entertain them after falling short of the playoffs).



Turns out it takes more than 70 people to pull the feat off, but the transformation can take as few as 6.5 hours to complete, according to Shawn Campbell, the “supervisor of conversions” for the Canucks organization. And while it’s certainly an impressive endeavour, it may not be as complex a task as you’d guess—turns out a lot of it is just laying giant sheets of plywood over the ice. Who’d have thunk it?