IdeaConnection Launches Crowdfunding Service for Canadian Entrepreneurs to Research, Patent, and Invent

Victoria-based IdeaConnection is unveiling a Canadian crowdfunding service with a unique business model next month.

In June, the organization plans to release a new crowdfunding platform for creative scientists, engineers, innovators, and inventors to conduct research, obtain patents, build inventions, and fund startups.

In the lead-up to this launch, the startup is offering money to initial projects to “seed” their system. IdeaConnection will be contributing $250 to the first five entries in each of its categories, which include “Patent Your Invention” and “Fund your Startup.” 

Hopefully this will help reduce some of the hurdles that tech entrepreneurs face when seeking crowdfunding in Canada.

“The world does not yet have one website that funds patent applications,” seasoned entrepreneur Erik Djukastein says. “That’s about to change. Crowdfunding services like this will help millions of people move ahead with creative ideas that will benefit mankind.”