Canadian Startup Ideavibes Builds Dream Team, Sets Sights on Market Leadership

Ottawa-based startup Ideavibes has built what it describes as a “dream team” to relaunch its crowdsourcing platform.

Ideavibes has brought on board Rob Woodbridge as Interim General Manager, Ian Capstick for public relations, Brent Thomson for sales, Andrew Draper for product design, Scott Annan as a strategic advisor, and Guido Giordano for user growth. With this team, alongside a recent investment from Mercury Grove, Ideavibes hopes to become “the market leader in making crowdsourcing the go-to tool for drving innovation and change.”

“I’m extremely happy and excited to have so many great people participating in the revision and relaunch of Ideavibes,” said CEO Paul Dombowsky. “The new team has brought a lot of thought leadership and experience which is instrumental to the realization of a disruptive, fresh new vision for citizen engagement, open innovation and crowdsourcing.”

According to Paul, the new team has been working to revise the popular Ideavibes platform to make it a leading catalyst for change and accessible to anyone who wants to participate in the change process.

“Crowdsourcing is not a new concept,” observes mobile expert Rob Woodbridge. “And although there are many platforms for crowdsourcing jobs and funding, there is no clear leader in crowdsourcing ideas for positive change. We want to change that.”

Paul points out that the Ottawa startup community has been building momentum with several new startups who “have become leaders in their markets,” citing Shopify, TravelPod, FluidSurveys, and CanvasPop as examples. He explains that these Canadian startups have helped create a strong ecosystem for new startups, too.

“We have so much startup talent in Ottawa and we’re starting to see the community build some real momentum,” said local entrepreneur Scott Annan. “Seeing so many of our startup leaders come together to build something epic like the new Ideavibes is an indication of how hot the startup scene is getting in Ottawa.”