Improve, enhance and measure social media with SocialTALK

As many of you know, social media has turned the world of marketing, and business in general, on it’s head.  As a result, many corporations, large and small, have taken to invest resources in the hopes of exploiting the gold mine of social media.  According to a recent survey conducted by Mzinga and Babson, 86 per cent of companies have adopted some form of social media presence.  However, many of these organizations are unsure if they are making any positive headway.  At the same time, 84 per cent do not currently measure the return on investment of their social media programs. 

Enter Syncapse.  For almost three years, Toronto-based tech start-up, Syncapse has been helping companies such as Rogers, Pizza Pizza and Labatt to properly navigate through the murky waters of social media.  Syncapse is a social tech company that empowers their clients with the tools and expertise needed to properly use and benefit from social technologies.

According to their website, Syncapse helps their clients leverage the power of social media to drive greater value and success for their businesses.  They are able to accomplish this by focusing on community building, technology solutions, and digital measurement.  In doing so they then create unique and innovative solutions that thrive in the ever changing and challenging online environment.

This past Wednesday, Syncapse released their brand-new flagship product:  SocialTALK.  SocialTALK is a software-based solution that improves workflow, enhances productivity and measures results for companies with social media programs that require posting on multiple online channels. 

One of Syncapse’s partners in developing the SocialTALK solution was Labatt Breweries.  “Labatt’s marketing strategy increasingly relies on social media to build relationships with our most important brand advocates,” said Matt Ramella, Senior Manager, Media, Sponsorship and Digital Marketing, Labatt Breweries of Canada. “For Labatt, this means focusing ongoing engagement with hundreds of thousands of fans across multiple Facebook brand communities. SocialTALK streamlines this process and aggregates results into one convenient place, allowing Labatt to see return on investment in real time.”

“More and more companies are using social media to promote their businesses. Often, managing social media strategy can be a fragmented, all-consuming experience,” said Michael Scissons, President and CEO, Syncapse. “SocialTALK simplifies the process of managing business presence on multiple social media platforms while keeping senior stakeholders informed. The measurement features turn social media presence into tangible results.”