In Groundbreaking Decision for Gig Economy, Uber Drivers Classed as Employees in UK

In the UK, Uber drivers have won the right to be categorized as workers, not self-employed contractors. This means Uber drivers will entitled to holiday pay, paid rest breaks and the national minimum wage.

The ruling, made by a London employment tribunal, could set a huge precedent for the gig economy.

Uber plans to appeal the verdict.

“Tens of thousands of people in London drive with Uber precisely because they want to be self-employed and their own boss,” Jo Bertram, Uber’s UK manager, told BBC. “The overwhelming majority of drivers who use the Uber app want to keep the freedom and flexibility of being able to drive when and where they want. While the decision of this preliminary hearing only affects two people, we will be appealing it.”

Uber has 40,000 licensed drivers in 20 cities across the UK. They make a combined million trips weekly.

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