India’s Leading Startup Accelerator Visits Waterloo Region

It can be difficult for startups to gain traction in any market, but expanding to global markets is a challenge that many choose not to accept, even when they have the right business model.

That’s what GSF India noticed after 25 startups completed their accelerator program. GSF Global was born when they recognized a need for a global accelerator program that would help startups grow on a global scale and take advantage of foreign markets.

To design the new program, GSF researched different markets around the world.

“The idea was that to really, truly, help them, we need to understand the markets better and they need to make local contacts there,” said Rajesh Sawhney, founder of GSF India.

The program takes place over 13 weeks, starting with a month in India, before heading out to markets around the world. Startups accepted into the program will visit San Francisco, Waterloo, Toronto, New York, Boston and Singapore. GSF Global accepted 11 startups from more than 500 applications to participate in the program’s first cohort.

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