Embed Crowdfunding Campaigns on Your Own Site with Indiegogo Outpost

Crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, which is famous first for not being Kickstarter, and second for hosting the campaign to buy a video of crack-smoking Toronto mayor Rob Ford from his dealers, has launched a new feature. Indiegogo Outpost bundles the salient details of an Indiegogo campaign in a widget, which campaign organizers can embed in different non-Indiegogo websites.

The battle that Indiegogo has fought against its more well-known competitor Kickstarter is one of brand recognition and trust. Indiegogo Outpost was developed so that campaign runners can leverage their own sites’ brand recognition and customer confidence, instead of sending prospective backers off to a crowdfunding website they’ve never heard of (because it isn’t Kickstarter). While the concept of crowdfunding may be commonplace to TechVibes readers who keep abreast of bleeding edge trends, try explaining it to your mom over a coffee; the very concept of crowdfunding has yet to catch on in the mainstream.

The new Indiegogo Outpost feature may create some competitive friction with Vancouver-based startup FundRazr, a more charity-based offering in the increasingly crowded crowdfunding space.