Indochino Reveals Brick-and-Mortar Expansion Plans

It’s an interesting time to be a retailer: it seems that you’re either doing very well, or you’re doomed.

On the heels of shuttering abruptly, menswear ecommerce brand Indochino announced plans to expand its brick-and-mortar footprint. Even as traditional retailers like Tip Top Tailors shrink, some brands zoom past in the opposite direction.

Indochino says three more stores will open in Canada this year: Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver. The company already has a store in Vancouver (and Toronto), but plans to open one in Metrotown, the province’s largest and most-trafficked mall.

“This year, we’re almost doubling our showroom network as we focus on significantly expanding our experiential retail model,” said Drew Green, Chief Executive Officer.

The Canadian company, whose first physical location opened in 2014, also plans to open stores in key US cities, such as in Chicago and New York.

“As we continue to bring our unique showrooms to more cities and introduce custom clothing as an attractive and affordable alternative to ready-to-wear, we’re beginning to change the way a generation of men suit up, and that’s incredibly exciting to see,” Green added.

Retail is hit-and-miss. It’s a cutthroat, saturated, constantly evolving market. Indochino is doing something right. Here’s hoping they can stay the course.

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