InfluenceTO Hits Toronto Next Week Featuring Casey Neistat

“We are looking to redefine the word ‘influencer’ one city at a time.”

Toronto will play host to a serious lineup of speakers at Canada’s newest influencer conference series InfluenceTO 2017 next week. Taking place at the Enercare Centre on Tuesday, November 21, the event will feature YouTube personality Casey Neistat, Wealth Factory Founder Angel Rich, and American radio and TV personality Charlamagne Tha God, among others.

The conference series is the brainchild of Thierry Lindor, the president and founder of Influence Orbis, the company responsible for the influencer/entrepreneurship series.

Topics will include women and entrepreneurship, disruptive technology, arts/fashion/culture, digital branding, artificial intelligence and VC funding.

“When people think influencer, they think about beautiful girls on the beach on Instagram with an inspirational quote–that’s not what we are about,” said Lindor, “We believe influence is the ultimate weapon, whether you are passionate about tech, venture capitalists, green tech or anything else, influence is the best weapon you can have and that’s what we are trying to do. We are looking to redefine the word influencer one city at a time.”

The first event took place in Lindor’s hometown of Montreal, attracting 1,100 attendees and featured Gary Vaynerchuk as the keynote speaker. The conference looks to give attendees access to influencers and entrepreneurs from a range of industries with the intention of inspiring, informing and influencing.

“We want to be affordable, diverse and attract entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, students, startups and mentors looking for new next opportunities. We are trying to give a platform to local influencers from Toronto to be able to mix with international influencers,” Lindor added.

The one-day conference offers keynotes, masterclasses, workshops, and interactive panels that provide affordable access to local and international influencers.

“We are bringing our top ten influencers from Montreal and bringing them to the Toronto ecosystem. Next year we will do the same,” said Lindor.

Toronto is the next market but Lindor also has his eyes on Vancouver, Paris and is currently booking the next Montreal event in May 2018.

“Eventually we will have an international network of influencers, or ‘individuals of influence’, that are not just bettering their ecosystem, but are also actually interested in sharing knowledge across the globe.”

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