InNetwork Aims to Bring Marketers and Influencers Together

A new social marketing platform is designed to partner marketers with social media influencers. Dubbed InNetwork, the service will act as an in-between, connecting brand influencers with marketing companies/departments, and vice-versa.

Consider this: you are a bit of an influencer, you have many Twitter followers, and people follow your YouTube channel religiously. Maybe your blog attracts a significant amount of traffic, too. With InNetwork, you will be able to reach marketers you may not otherwise have the chance to—brands interested in having you promote them to your audience.

Likewise, perhaps you have a product you know is great, and social media offers the only way to compete against similar products with much larger budgets than yours. InNetwork will put you in communication with key influencers, people at the forefront who’s opinion is trusted.

According to Innovacorp, Nova Scotia’s Government Venture Capital funding organization, InNetwork will be opening offices in both Halifax and Toronto, and has already secured approximately $500,000 in funding.

“The success of any communications or marketing campaign through social media depends first and foremost on valuable and insightful content,” said InNetwork’s CEO Chris Keevill. “InNetwork offers marketers and communicators a broad and deep group of social media contributors who can spark conversations and expand awareness about products, services or ideas. Whatever the focus of the campaign, InNetwork can help connect brands with customers through social media.”

t would seem that InNetwork showed enough promise to attract tech investor Gerry Pond to chair its board of directors. Gerry was one of the original investors in New Brunswick success stories Radian6 and Q1 Labs. In fact, all three cofounders of InNetwork have successful histories in social media and marketing. Chris Keevil is currently President and CEO at full-service marketing firm Colour, Duri Alajrami is the President of Colour Social, and Craig Rennick helped make FloNetwork and Fortiva huge commercial successes.