Instagram Adding Full-Screen Video Ads to App

We all hate how annoying the auto-play videos are on Facebook’s platform. So we suppose it should be no surprise that Instagram, which Facebook owns, has decided to take similarly obnoxious path.

Instagram launched a feature called Stories five months ago. A carbon copy of Stories on Snapchat, the feature allows users to post short, disappearing videos separate of their permanent posts.

150 million users engage with the feature daily, Instagram says. And that’s exactly where ads will start appearing.

“You’ll soon be able to run immersive, full screen ads in stories,” the company says. “Ads in stories will let you use targeting, reach and measurement capabilities that make your ads personally relevant to the people you want to reach—which is unmatched in a stories experience today.”

Instagram is testing the ad service with a handful of clients first, including Nike, Netflix, and Buick.

“This immersive, full screen nature creates an intimacy with people like never before,” the company says.

Or, you know, it’s just another annoying ad in our faces. But maybe that’s just us.