Instagram Will Now Organize Comments Into Threads

If you have ever lost track of a reply during your argument in the comments section of Instagram photos, the photo-sharing app has a great update for you.

Instagram will now sort replies to comments in threads, making conversations about posts even easier to navigate through and engage in online banter. When you reply to a comment, it will appear underneath the original and become indented, resembling the comments section on Facebook, Instagram’s parent company.

“This update will make your feed an even better place to share interests, get inspired and connect with others,” wrote Instagram in a blog post.

IG threads

This update seems like it should have been something implemented a while ago. Replying to comments was confusing on really popular posts, as you would have to scroll up to see who you were actually replying to, and in some cases, make sure you spelt the username right. This is a small update, but nonetheless a good quality of life improvement for daily users.