Intel Unveils Falcon 8+, a Commercial Drone Built to Work

Intel has entered the drone space aggressively. This year the company embedded its RealSense technology in the Yuneec Typhoon H consumer drone and also announced the Intel Aero Platform, a platform for developers to build their own drones.

Now Intel is taking on the commercial industry with its latest unmanned aerial vehicle. Intel’s first fully branded drone, the new Falcon 8+ is an evolution of the AsTec Falcon 8, which offers the best weight-to-payload ratio, high stability, and resistance to magnetic field disturbances.

“The Intel Falcon 8+ is our first Intel-branded commercial drone,” says Intel’s Josh Walden. “We are building on the AscTec Falcon 8 system and announcing the release of the Intel Falcon 8+ for North American markets.”

Intel’s first commercial drone system includes the Intel Falcon 8+ UAV, the Intel Cockpit for ground control, and the Intel Powerpack.