Intelliware Taking Agile Software Development to the Next Level

Intelliware Development, a custom software development and advisory services company located in Toronto, is an established leader in Agile delivery and engineering best practices. As an early pioneer and practitioner of the Agile methodology, Intelliware has successfully delivered hundreds of projects using Agile. Intelliware has been practicing Agile since before there was “Agile,” working with Kent Beck, the creator of Extreme Programming and co-author of the Agile Manifesto, back in the late 90’s.

Intelliware was founded in 1990 and has evolved over the years in many ways while maintaining an outstanding delivery track record throughout. The two founders were scholarship attendees at the General Motors Institute, now Kettering University, and their strong engineering background became the foundation for the way Intelliware builds software. Greg Betty, Co-founder, CEO & President, explains “with our roots in manufacturing, we quickly recognized the powerful, productive impact of Agile software development practices, even as they were emerging. We were early adopters, and it’s ingrained in everything we do.”

Intelliware navigated the waters during the dot-com boom and bust with a conservative management philosophy and by meeting every commitment they made to every client. They are first and foremost a delivery organization and this anchors their methods, attitudes, and approaches.

Intelliware has grown in size, as well as their portfolio of projects and clients. They continue to expand with a philosophy of hiring full-time employees and augmenting with contractors when appropriate for specialized skills or expertise. The average Intelliware employee has over seven years of tenure and 30% of staff have been with Intelliware for more than ten years.

Their high caliber team focuses on delivering value early and often based on business priorities. They practice and advocate for Agile because it helps delivery, not because it is fun or trendy.

Now, with the dramatic increase in the pace of change in the marketplace, Intelliware is finding clients are looking to respond accordingly. Agile software delivery processes have taken a front seat as a way to respond to these pressures. They help customers adapt to consumer demands, reduce project risk, and rapidly respond to changing forces, such as business priority, technology and regulatory changes.

Intelliware is well positioned to take Agile software development to the next level. Andrew Pitt, SVP Delivery, explains “In addition to the endless opportunities for technical innovation in our field, we see a future with exciting new projects and business opportunities. We’re excited about taking the company to the next level, not only in terms of the number, size and complexity of our projects, but also from an industry leadership perspective. We are now expanding our offerings to provide more Agile advisory services and enable Agile transformations and implementations. Our team is really focused on advancing Agile engineering practices and software craftsmanship in the industry.”