Invoke Labs Startup Acquired by Healthy Surprise

Earlier this week Invoke Labs startup Snackbox was acquired by California’s Healthy Surprise. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Both companies are subscription snack delivery services with Healthy Surprise focused on delivering gluten, soy, corn and wheat free snacks to customers in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia.

Snackbox had grown a substantial subscriber base north of the border, with thousands of snack-loving Canadians receiving monthly snack deliveries from the company.

“Acquiring Snackbox provides us with a fantastic springboard into the Canadian market, we are confident that their subscribers will love our delicious, healthy monthly snack deliveries”, said Joseph Winke, CEO of Healthy Surprise.

“This deal means more variety and more healthy choices for our subscribers to satisfy their cravings, all delivered to direct to their door every month” noted Charlie Ritchie, Snackbox CEO.

Earlier this month cleaning service startup Cleanify joined other startups-in-residence at the Invoke Labs, including myBestHelper and Pendo Rent.