IOC Has New Rules For Athletes’ Blogs

If you’re an athlete competing in the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics and blogging, you won’t be able to use the Olympic ring symbols in your blog or webpage (Gasp!).  I’m not that surprised after that poor West End pizza place is still fighting the to keep its name (it’s called Olympia Pizza and has the Olympic rings as it’s logo.) 

According to this article, the new blogging guidelines are in part due to the decision by the IOC to allow blogging during the games.

The rings are out, and mascots and other emblems belonging to the Vancouver Olympic organizing committee or national Olympic committees can only be used with permission.

What else do future bloggers need to know?  Athletes aren’t allowed to have ads on their blogs, can’t post pictures that if in a series, look like moving images, no posting of video or photos of the Olympic opening and closing ceremonies and using the words Olympics can’t be used to sell or promote anything.

The rules don’t just apply to athletes, but to all accredited Olympic personnel, which includes officials and sponsors.

Rules in effect February 4, 2009-March 3, 2009.  Happy blogging!