iOS Has Generated $1 Trillion in Revenue for Apple in 10 Years Since Launch

The iPhone launched 10 years ago and it’s hard to describe the significance its had: on people, on culture, and on Apple.

In 10 years, Apple has sold more than 1.2 billion iPhones. As Asymco points out, that makes it the most successful product of all time.

The iOS empire, which now also includes the iPod, iPad, Watch, and TV, have combined for nearly two billion units sold in a single decade. If you include content, iOS has generate $1 trillion in revenues for Apple since launching.

Apple pockets a lot of this—the company’s cash pile is enormous—but much of it is also returned: through stock dividends and through paying third-party developers, who now earn a combined $20 billion per year for building iOS apps.

We know Apple is looking for a new product (it could be augmented reality or an autonomous vehicle) but let’s not forget that for 10 years the iPhone and its related products and services have transformed Apple into the world’s most valuable technology company. Now it will be up to something else to keep Apple at the top.

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