iPhone Game Developer Top Hat Monocle Launches Hopple

Top Hat Monocle is a new startup out of Waterloo which specializes in developing mobile applications for the iPhone. The company currently has two games in Apple’s App Store, Hopple and Dante’s Conundrum.

Top Hat Monocle is made up of former and current students from the University of Waterloo. Mike Silagadze, CTO and Mohsen Shahini, Senior Developer have been working with Waterloo co-op students Dancy Li, David Zhang and Arian Karbasi to complete the two titles. In addition to offering their games in the App Store the company has plans to release the games in the jail broken iPhone app marketplace and as a flash version free of charge.

Hopple is an extremely addictive game where you control a squirrel hopping on acorns up a never ending tree. The title is perfect for procrastinators and a global high score board will let you see how you stack up against other players. Hopple recently has launched in the App Store for only .99 cents and has already received many favorable reviews.

Dante’s Conundrum is a simple puzzle game where jewels are flicked onto a board. Players must match similar styles of jewels together to gain points. The app is available now for $1.99.

The Top Hat Monocle team is extremely talented and already has two promising new games in the works. The company keeps getting better with every title, no doubt this start up is one to watch.