iPhone in Canada – July 11

After months of rumors to the point where it was basically confirmed, I can finally write: iPhone coming to Canada July 11. This was announced just minutes ago by Steve Jobs at the Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference in San Francisco. At the same time, a new model was introduced, the iPhone “3G” (as in third generation cellular data speeds), with a tweaked form, GPS support, longer battery life, and new iPhone 2.0 software. All this comes with a 50% price drop to $199 for the 8GB model, though this is a USD$ price and Apple’s site doesn’t list a Canadian price yet. Even recently, with dollar parity, Apple prices have been slightly higher in Canada.

There has also been no word yet from Rogers on data plan prices or contractual requirements. One would think that Rogers would want to boast about carrying such a hot, new, highly desired product; maybe they’re just slow, or maybe, they want us to beg for it.

Full transcript of the event with pictures at Engadget.

Update: There is a press release on Apple’s site giving official word that Rogers will be carrying the iPhone, but no other new information. “More details on pricing and retail availability will be available soon.”