JetStreamHD lets you stream your media to your iPad

The iPad has a lot of great features, and its big screen makes it the perfect platform for your multi-media library. If, of course, your entire media can fit on the iPad’s diminuitive hard drive.

But it probably can’t. Heck, my home desktop computer has an entire 320 gigabyte secondary drive that’s filled up with music, movies and TV shows (I know, time to upgrade to a terabyte drive). But Ottawa’s Nuvyyo has a great solution to the problem: their product, JetStreamHD, is a hardware and software solution that allows you to stream content to your iPad that’s saved on home devices with a larger storage capacity.

JetStreamHD consists of a box attachment for your router, and an app for your iPad. The box searches your computer network for content automatically, and then makes it all available for streaming to any iPad or Apple TV box you own. Format is never an issue — JetStreamHD converts files into an iPad-compatible format, and even adjusts the streaming bitrate to accommodate either 4G or Wi-Fi data connections. You can even set up JetStreamHD to allow multiple iPads and Apple TV boxes to stream the same content simultaneously.

While this isn’t an entirely new concept, JetSreamHD’s implementation of it has been earning rave reviews after their product launch at DEMO Spring 2011. PC Magazine praised its UI, and VentureBeat gushed about the adaptive streaming feature.

For more info on JetStreamHD, click here.