Jibestream’s Enthusiastic Employees a Result of Collaborative, Passionate Work Culture

If you’ve ever had challenges in deciding which direction your career should take then perhaps it’s time to work for a navigation developer.

“Jibestream is a proud Toronto company and global leader in the development of indoor mapping and navigation software. Our wayfinding platform is used by some of the world’s largest organizations to improve business processes and end user experiences by connecting turn-by-turn navigation and location-awareness to their apps,” says Jean Moncrieff, Marketing Lead at the company.

Jean along with various other members of the staff are quick to point out the positive and enthusiastic energy of the company.

“The people who work at Jibestream have a deep emotional attachment to the business, to their colleagues, to the customers and to their partner,” Jean says.

Some of the important positions available at Jibestream right now include a Customer Success Manager who is a superstar at managing customer relationships and retention, an intermediate QA Analyst to help streamline the process and a Technical Writer for a six to twelve month contract.

Jibestream is also not about a ‘work, work, work’ mentality, they believe like many cutting edge employers that life is much more rounded than that.

“At Jibestream we promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle. [For example] we hold yoga and meditation sessions every Wednesday and we have a sweet deal with our local YMCA,” says Jean.

They also encourage dogs to come visit the office every so often.

“They’re really great for support and also to warn us of an incoming courier,” Jean says.

As navigation is their prime function, Jibestream also knows exactly what they are looking for in an employee: “We are looking for people who fit our culture and embrace our values: collaborative attitude; a passion for innovation and technology; lifelong learning and building out systems for the end user.”

Jean also points out that they need people who work well in a team but also can handle things on their own. The employees should want to create a product that will transform an end-users experience.

“We have grown phenomenally these last few years and next week we are moving to our new home in the heart of Toronto! In 2015, we digitized over 200 buildings, doubled the size of our #JibeTeam, deployed our software in over 12 countries and to fuel all of this—consumed over 780 bento boxes.”

Jibestream is a job board member and is hiring. Profiles are included with membership.