Jiibe upends the hiring process at Launch Party

Jiibe, a local company whose mandate is to help firms improve their corporate culture, was just one of the presenters at Launch Party, a tech networking get-together held at Republic in downtown Vancouver.

Greg Scott, the company’s CEO, explained to the crowd how the one thing a potential employee doesn’t know when he signs on the dotted line and takes a new job is if he or she will be compatible with their new company’s corporate culture. “We’re here to make people happier. We wanted to really listen to individuals, talk to everyone in a market, and find out what the problems are in an organization. It’s really tough to pitch to the HR arm of a company, so we wanted to find the solutions to problems first,” Jiibe CEO Greg Scott said.

By leveraging social networking and user-driven content with data analysis, Jiibe aims to help both job seekers to find their ideal culture and companies to adapt to the needs of today’s workplace. Users complete interactive self-assessment quizzes comparing their ideal workplace to their current employer, with each new survey going into a data pool that can used to match employees to the employers that need their skills and fit their workplace culture expectations. “The beauty of this is that we’re taking advantage of the crowd and turning the traditional job search on its ear. It’s something that’s really needed, as people are having a hard time finding a great place to work,” Scott said.