JiveX-Powered GNS3 Community Reaches 125,000 Members in Two Months

Jive Software today announced the successful deployment and first major milestone for a GNS3 Technologies external community, built on JiveX and called “The GNS3 Jungle.”

Already one of the world’s fastest growing communities of networking professionals, The GNS3 Jungle has attracted 125,000 members in 60 days, with thousands of new members joining every day to exchange ideas about network designs, learn about new products and services from network vendors, and study for network certifications.

Today, millions of networking professionals – from college students to engineers in each department of the U.S. government and every global telecommunications provider – use GNS3 to design and optimize networks without having to purchase a single piece of hardware.

“We are extremely thankful to our loyal community for their tremendous support in helping us quickly achieve this amazing milestone through word of mouth alone – we simply wouldn’t be here without them. The Jungle’s 125,000 members share valuable ideas that continue to influence our product direction and fuel our mission of helping networking pros succeed during every stage of their career,” said Stephen Guppy, CEO at GNS3 Technologies.

“Our strategy is to maintain the software for free, while providing network hardware and software vendors with a platform to connect with the world’s largest community of networking professionals. And by leveraging Jive’s best-in-class external community solution, we’ve gained the flexibility to tailor it to our users’ specific needs and build a scalable hub that will serve the networking industry for years to come,” he added.

Underpinned by the market-leading JiveX platform, The GNS3 Jungle gives networking pros a one-stop shop where they can engage with their peers and the companies behind the latest networking products and services. Networking service providers and network hardware vendors can engage with the company’s targeted audience by embedding their tools within the GNS3 software, promoting themselves through interactive vendor pages and sponsoring informative webinars and whitepapers within The GNS3 Jungle.

Since the GNS3 community launched last fall, it has garnered over 120 million impressions and 1.9 million hours spent in the software and community, and has seen 18 percent week-over-week growth.

“The Jungle is yet another example of the huge value external communities can deliver – from driving brand affinity, repeat business and customer satisfaction, to powering entirely new revenue streams,” said Elisa Steele, president, Jive Software. “I’m excited to see how GNS3 has leveraged our intuitive communication and collaboration platform, taking advantage of our rich content and search capabilities that go beyond traditional forums in order to foster more meaningful engagement and interaction across their customers, partners and employees.”