JOLT Accelerator Announces Six New Canadian Startups for Winter 2013 Cohort

Toronto-based startup accelerator JOLT, which was launched by MaRS Discovery District last summer, today announced the addition of six new companies to its portfolio. The six startups will participate in the accelertator’s Winter 2013 program, which runs from now until June.

“We’re extremely excited to introduce our next wave of companies, each led by a talented CEO who has assembled a great team of passionate entrepreneurs,” said Sue McGill, Executive Director, JOLT. “These six promising startups are innovating across a diverse range of categories and are rethinking technology-enabled experiences in unique and disruptive ways.”

Here are the six startups in a nutshell, as described by JOLT.

  • Singspiel: A learning platform and tablet application that turns traditionally tedious music practice into a more fun and engaging activity for music students.
  • Flee: A travel recommendation application that combines a beautiful user experience and streamlined booking process with highly curated original content.
  • Stylekick: Without any 3D scanners, personal body measurements, complicated machines or gimmicks, Stylekick can help online shoppers find the perfect fit they want.
  • FlyerFlo: A mobile platform and application that allows consumers to discover new brands and receive personalized promotions from all of their favourite local retailers.
  • HypeJar: An open, social platform powered by people who are passionate about the most hyped consumer product releases of tomorrow.
  • PUSH Technologies: PUSH is an app-enabled fitness device for analyzing, managing and tracking the progress of your weight training workout.

To begin the program, the six startups are heading to San Francisco to attend LAUNCH, a tech conference for launching a startup, raising money, networking with entrepreneurs, and connecting with journalists.

Here’s a recap of the JOLT Summer 2012 cohort pitches from the first-ever JOLT Demo Day held last October.

  • ShelfLife is a social commerce platform that provides 30 million North American collectors with everything they need in a single website. Their mobile strategy bridges the gap between online and offline commerce, and our advanced social tools gamify the process of collecting by leveraging competitive mechanics.
  • Greengage Mobile is an enterprise SaaS platform that enables large organizations to create awareness, engage employees and measure the impact of their corporate sustainability objectives. Leveraging mobile and web, their platform uses social and gamification elements to drive employee actions and achieve corporate goals related to environmental, social, community, and health initiatives.
  • SlingRide is a ride sharing community for those who want a convenient way to travel while saving money and making new friends along the way. Unlike the bus or train which is both inconvenient and expensive, SlingRide makes use of smartphones and thousands of nearby coffee shops where drivers and passengers can safely meet making the process of coordinating a ride simple, social, and enjoyable.
  • is the ultimate discussion experience for sports fans. By bringing real-time and in-depth discussions together with personalized sports discovery,’s goal is to bring together sports fans to build a passionate sports community.
  • eProf: The top 20 ed-tech companies today are asynchronous, which means not live and not interactive. This is an enormous problem because students overwhelmingly prefer to learn in a live setting. eProf’s live, interactive classroom experience brings online education to life.
  • Venngage makes analytics and insights available to the rest of us. They make analytics and insights available for everyone, not just the 2% that really understand math and statistics. They are designed for the layperson that doesn’t have a background in data analysis.