Just The Bill turns receipt photos into expenses

Every January Canadians resolve to get in shape, get organized, and stick to a budget. A new BlackBerry App out of Vancouver should take care of 2/3rds of those resolutions.

Just The Bill is the easiest way to manage your expenses. No more overstuffed wallets, bursting with old receipts. No more tedious data entry. With Just The Bill, you can simply take a photo of your receipt from your camera-phone and expense it through our mobile application.

For bookkeepers, Just The Bill is even more convenient. Instead of sorting through a drawer full of receipts at the end of the month, every transaction is neatly organized in our online dashboard. Once expenses have been approved, they can be exported to your choice of accounting software.

There’s no doubt Just The Bill shares some features of The Neat Company’s NeatReceipts but if one of your resolutions is to save money, an App that handles receipt scanning and eliminates the need for an expensive printer is a good thing. 

Just The Bill’s BlackBerry App just opened up in Beta and is looking for testers.

Thirdi Software‘s Matt Friesen and Provident Security‘s Michael Jagger partnered to build Just The Bill. The application borrows from a home security related app built for Provident’s internal use and has been improved by Thirdi to turn it into a full-featured service.