JustGreet Helps You Send Personalized Paper Cards to Friends, Family

JustGreet is an online gifting company that allows users to mail quality paper greeting cards with complimentary gifts from local brands.

The Vancouver-based startup notes that “everyone loves a greeting card” but that even well-intentioned e-cards “feel lazy and impersonal.”

Physical cards sent by traditional mail are more meaningful, the Canadian company says, especially ones with local details.

“We support a growing community of vibrant, local artists,” JustGreet explains. “This, in turn, provides customers with a way to communicate that is authentic, meaningful and environmentally sustainable. We want Canadians to connect in a way that offers all the personalization and sincerity they deserve.”

The cards, which are made from 100% recycled paper, cost $5.

JustGreet was founded by Teja Edara, Mark Proudfoot, and their unofficial mascot, Amelia the Hedgehog.