Kashoo Unveils New Mobile App to Complement Existing Offerings

Small business cloud accounting startup Kashoo has released a new iPhone app that gives business owners the ability to tackle their smartphone.

Described as the first cloud accounting solution built “mobile-first” for today’s modern entrepreneurs, the Vancouver-based Kashoo aims to make it easy to track expenses, send invoices, view account balances, reconcile bank accounts, and generate financial reports, from a phone, tablet, or the web.

“Business owners have struggled for decades with complicated accounting applications like QuickBooks or single purpose solutions that do just one task like invoicing or expense tracking,” explains Kashoo CEO Jim Secord. “Kashoo is everything you need to keep great books—and you don’t have to be an accountant to use it.”

With the Kashoo iPhone app, users have the ability to do “critical” accounting tasks, online or off, including invoice and expense generation, and views of accounts, customers, and transaction histories.

“This is a different way of thinking about small business accounting,” says Secord. “Mainly around how small business owners do different accounting tasks.”

Secord goes on to say how the iPhone and iPad apps complement each other and the web version of Kashoo.

“For example,” he continued, “the Kashoo iPhone app is going to be great for taking pictures of expense receipts when you’re rushing through the airport or filling up the gas tank. But then the iPad app serves a deeper purpose in which a user can, say, dive deep into important financial reports. And then there’s the web app, ideal for adding details, making changes and giving access to folks like your accountant. It’s really accounting the way small business owners want it.”

Kashoo’s is the most downloaded accounting iPad app in the App Store. Kashoo has 200,000 users in 180 countries.