Kickstarter Cofounder Leaving CEO Role in Favor of “New Projects”

Kickstarter cofounder Yancy Strickler announced this week that he will be stepping away from his company later this year.

Strickler cofounded Kickstarter 12 years ago alongside Perry Chen, who previously held the CEO role, and Charles Adler, who departed in 2013. In that time, the platform helped pioneer crowdfunding, pushing the concept into the mainstream.

He did not offer details as to the reason for his departure but insists the decision comes on good terms.

“Let me be the first to tell you: the job is great,” he wrote online. “Being the CEO of Kickstarter is an unreal opportunity for someone with a deep connection to creative projects, someone who doesn’t believe in putting profit above all, and someone who’s excited by the challenge of building on a successful business that’s oriented to the long term.”

Kickstarter has been profitable for eight years in a row now, Strickler noted, adding that “great stuff is cooking in the oven.”

Strickler also hinted that after he leaves Kickstarter, he will be “getting up to some new projects.”