Intelex Toronto’s Incredible HQ

In 2016, the Intelex team moved from humble origins to a place that few technology companies ever go; the heart of Toronto’s financial district.

Sitting atop the University Avenue building is the Intelex global headquarters, designed in collaboration with SDI Interior Design.

It is here where President and CEO Mark Jaine leads his team building their web-based environment, health, safety, quality, and supplier management software which is used by more that 1,000 clients and over a million users worldwide.


The 400-person Intelex team is headquartered from the Toronto with offices in Denver and London, UK. Developers, designers, customer support, sales, and operations work on teams. Product-focused technology teams work in tandem with other departments to ensure visibility.

All teams work form open concept desk-clumps, themed rooms and open-air boardrooms.

IntelexTorontoOffice-5 IntelexTorontoOffice-4IntelexTorontoOffice-1 IntelexTorontoOffice-2New team members are welcomed with bright green flags on their desks with an “I’m new, come chat,” inviting their new coworkers for an introduction.

Intelex also understands that education of their own product is essential to the company success which is why they offer ongoing product training. Classes are highly technical, cross-functional and offered to every team member, regardless of department.

IntelexTorontoOffice-9The sales team maintains a little old-school competition with a “sales gong” at the center of their department for closed sales. Equally the team stats appear on a central monitor which plays the top sellers’ song of choice when a sale is closed.


Intelex offers their team an award-winning culture, literally.  They have earned more than a dozen awards for the company’s corporate culture including the Great Place to Work For Women award.

In addition to a work hard mentality, Intelex teams know how to play hard too with nearly twenty clubs ranging from sports team to movie clubs and board games.

IntelexTorontoOffice-20IntelexTorontoOffice-16The office environment also accommodates the culture that Intelex is aiming for: A quiet room is available for private moments, gathering lounges and an auditorium town hall all help accomplish cultural objectives.

This team enjoys many perks like in-office locker rooms and carpool and transit incentives, but nothing compares to the Intelex Corporate Concierge. This dedicated role is on hand to help any staffer with personal or professional administrative tasks. Everything from dry cleaning, travel bookings, diner reservations and even planning baby showers or family vacations, this person is on hand to take care of it, not to mention the annual retreat in Canada’s stunning Muskoka region.

A point of pride is the holiday card wall. Each team member appears as a hand-drawn illustration by the in-house creative team on a card which is sent to company’s family and friends for the holidays.

Each year the new team members are added and each card is blown up and proudly displayed.



The Intelex office offers a respectable culinary experience including a massive team breakfast every Friday morning. During the week the teams enjoy subsidized snacks, a popcorn machine and state-of-the-art custom coffee machines. IntelexTorontoOffice-12


Without a doubt, the highest traffic space of the office is the games room. This spot is fully equipped with ping-pong, foosball, billiards, video games and musical instruments.

IntelexTorontoOffice-7 Add to that a dedicated beer fridge adjacent to the rooftop patio, and its easy to find the time to stay the office a little late on a Friday.

IntelexTorontoOffice-6 IntelexTorontoOffice-11

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