– TinyURL on steroids

Just heard about a cool little web service called that launched yesterday out of Vancouver. They like to call themselves “TinyURL on steroids”. Krunchd allows users to share up to 30 different website addresses by aggregating them all on to one page and into one short URL – example

Krunchd URLs last forever, so you may as well get one with our name on it now so you can use it forever (assuming you live forever). In the very near future, we will add a function where you can edit existing Krunchd URLs, so you can change the contents of it later anyway. So. Go crazy, start getting Krunchd!

Krunchd URLs can be up to 12 digits long, and alphanumeric characters are allowed. I’ve already reserved for myself, You should get yours too.

Krunchd lists can be edited at any time using an additional ‘admin’ URL that is generated when you first create your short URL. This URL can be shared with friends and will allow anyone to edit your krunch list – instant collaboration without any password protection schemes. Smart but be careful who you share this URL with.

This now allows Krunchd URLs to be used for collaboration. If you and your friends want to find relevant websites for that next big paper you need to write, make a Krunchd URL and start adding sites together. Multiple people can work on it at once. Find relevant websites with your sales team to make a list of sites. It’s a great way to share, brainstorm, gather, and help everybody out. is a pet project of Jeff Kee, principal of Synchronous Design & Marketing in Vancouver.